Monday, August 2, 2010

Isn't She A Beauty?

Gosh, where are all the posts about my adventures in making books for the last few months? Oh wait ... I guess I forgot to blog. Thanks to all you loyal readers who have checked in periodically, and let's get this train back on the track.

Since I last left you on the streets in Paris, I've been traveling mostly in the U.S. There were fabulous classes in Columbus, Ohio and Pittsburgh, and both sessions of the Book Arts Coterie here at my studio have all since taken place. During the July fourth weekend, we dashed off to New York for a fantastic wedding at the Vanderbilt estate. Preparations are now underway for our next trip to Europe, visiting the British Isles for several weeks. Life is good!

Meanwhile, I have to share this recent addition to the studio, a vintage book press purchased from another book artist in the Chicago area. It's a great size, it's cast iron and unbelievably heavy, and .... it's RED! What could be better than that? It's in excellent condition. I've wanted an older press for awhile, and have looked for one in the junk stores, flea markets and antique stores around here without success. This one turned up on a book arts bulletin board, and was worth the almost two hour drive to pick it up. Moving a book press down a flight of stairs from the car to the studio is character, if not muscle building experience; now it has a home atop my grandmother's treadle sewing machine in the library area of the studio.

Stay tuned for photos and reviews of the summer workshops ... after taking a break from teaching last summer, it was fun to be back in full swing this year. There were also new tool adventures, new friends, new projects .... all of which you'll see soon.


  1. she's a little bit brighter than mine (mine is a little bit more barn red) and she's gorgeous!! Someday I'd love to take one of your workshops...

    Dunlap TN

  2. Glad to see you back blogging. I had a great time at the bookmaking class this year. My daughters love, loved the Bradel book. It was immediately scooped up when I came home so it is on my list to make another. Looking forward to more posts.


  3. I knew you'd be back! Love the press; they are hard to find (not to mention carry!). Andrew posted fabulous pictures of the work he did in your Coterie - can't wait to see the work of others.