Monday, August 30, 2010

I Could Have Written Sooner

Heaven knows there were enough post boxes around, but who had time to write? We're just back from almost three weeks in the beautiful British Isles: England, Ireland, Scotland, the Isle of Guernsey and the Normandy beaches in France. There were so many things to see and do, including lots of side trips related to books and paper, art and architecture. I'll be posting here over the next few weeks about our adventures; hope you'll enjoy this vicarious tour!


  1. I'm English - lived in London all my life, yet NEVER have I seen a blue OR a green post-box - Amazing!! I shall be looking out for them now!

  2. I live in london and l never tire of finding new postboxes over here! I write a lot because l enjoy receiving post through the letter box. i suppose it is because l spent so many years overseas incountries were there were no postmen delivering! you had to go to Boxes st the main sorting offices! Glad you liked your travels over here..sorry l missed you!!
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  3. The blue post box was on Guernsey; the green one was (no surprise here) in Ireland! Scotland seemed to have the red boxes of England. Loved them all!