Monday, August 17, 2009

Details, details

In yesterday's post I mentioned how the architectural and other details on the buildings we saw were pretty fascinating all by themselves. As part of our continuing tour of Florence, I'll share a few close-ups with you. All of these items were found attached to, embedded in, or hanging on, buildings around Florence.

The Medici practiced embellishment with a capital E. I took it all in with a great sense of awe and wonder. Who thought of these things, and how did they come to be way up there? (Some of these items are 20 or 30 feet above street level.) Given the large number of tourist heads that block a clear sightline of just about everything at eye level, I was grateful that I could look up from time to time and forever capture just a little moment in Florence on film.

Tomorrow we'll go paper shopping in Florence. Bellissimo!

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