Sunday, August 9, 2009

Back from the high seas

I know, I know, you're grown very weary of being greeted by steel bars when you log on here. I've just returned from a fabulous trip throughout the Mediterranean, so that's my excuse. Too busy taking photos and having fun to blog, and we have a family pact that computers do not go on vacation with us!

Outside the U.S., our first landing was in Switzerland, where we spent an hour running from one airline terminal to another. Saw some great watches in the windows as we sprinted by. From there we were on to Barcelona, Spain where we spent the next few days prior to the departure of our cruise. Our ports of call were Monte Carlo (Monaco), Livorno/Florence and Naples (Italy), Mykonos and Athens (Greece), Istanbul and Kusadasi/Effesus (Turkey), ending in beautiful Venice. Coming home, we did another one hour sprint through Frankfort, Germany where both we and our luggage made the connection. Amazing! When the dust settled, I found I had 0ver 1600 photos on the camera and a few things to share on the blog. I'll be posting the best for you over the next several weeks; it's the least I can do after leaving you alone with Superman for the past month!

This photo was taken just across the street from our hotel in Barcelona, It's the biggest book I ever saw, an outdoor sculpture piece on permanent display there. A great way to begin the adventure -- I took it as a sign of things to come!


  1. I love that sculpture! I was in Barcelona in February and took almost an identical photo of it. Thanks for posting. Brought a smile to my face.

  2. Welcome back, your trip sounds marvellous. I've just awarded you the Karma Friends Award on my latest blog post. You can pass the award on or not, whichever you like, but I know many people just aren't into awards. I think it's an opportunity to tell my readers about blogs I enjoy, and yours is one of them.

  3. i'm in love with book arts and enjoy your blog. i also love the rule of not being plugged in while on vacay. just a note as i was also in europe not too long ago and came home with over a few thousand pix. great deal, great product, great service and pretty darn user-friendly. u can even check out my own book by scrolling for title, love and architecture or just merrilee kennedy. hope you transition easily back into normalcy again. i'm still struggling and got home last october.

  4. Welcome back! What a fantastic itinerary. Can't wait to hear about your travel adventures.

  5. Sounds like a fabulous trip - looking forward to more photos and posts - and (hoping) the books that result from all the inspiration.