Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Catch of the Day

I spent most of today in the fabulous Hollander's paper store in Ann Arbor, Michigan. My husband periodically has business in Detroit, and since Ann Arbor is on the way, he drops me off for the day. Today was make-up for the same trip we tried to take back in mid-February, right after a terrible ice storm the night before. We got on the highway, and after going only 6 miles in 2 hours, had to turn around and go home -- no business AND no paper that day!

Hollander's is one of those mecca stores -- you decide to go, anticipate the trip, make a wish list, and when you finally, at long last, arrive, you feel overwhelmed when you walk in the door. So much beauty, so little time! Will you ever be able to experience it all? Well, been there, and done that. My eyes no longer glaze over and I can get right down to business. This leaves time to go upstairs later to the wonderful Found store for a few vintage baubles.

Mostly I bought paper and boards, and a small bottle of thick PVA to try, especially recommended for box building. Also purchased a spool of waxed linen thread in lime green. I buy one every time I go, whether I'm running low or not, because no one else seems to have this funky color, and I have an innate fear that one day I will go and it will all be gone forever. 

Today also had bonus: the artisans' market that adjoins Hollander's building was open for business, and what a treat to walk through, looking at the flowers and fruits and veggies, as well as the breads and other homemade treats, interspersed with beautiful leather handbags and funky jewelry. If you live anywhere near Ann Arbor, this weekend is their Antiquarian Book Fair, a great place to find all sorts of wonderful stuff related to books.

So, here for your virtual enjoyment are my "swatch books" of papers from today --Japanese screen prints, Indian screen prints and marbles, french marbles, a few DePol prints, and some novelty choices. The larder is now bursting with papers, so it's time to make more books!


  1. I feel that same "overwhelm" when I go to Flax in San Francisco. Flat files as far as the eye can see, all filled with lovely, beautiful, wonderful paper. What a fun addiction we artists share! Looks like you scored well.

  2. I adore Hollanders, and since I don't end up going to Ann Arbor for business any more, I have had Hollander's withdrawl. I think a trip this summer will be in order! Thanks for reminding me what a great place it is!