Saturday, May 2, 2009

10 Paper Boxes

Last night I made a 10 paper box, one of the projects I designed for students in last year's summer workshops here at the studio. The box is built from binder's board; the base is 4" square, and the lid overhangs the sides about 1/2 inch. I call it the 10 paper box because the challenge is to incorporate at least 10 different papers into the design. Some students like to choose all 10 papers at once before starting the project. I usually choose a couple of papers to start, and then I let the remaining choices happen serendipitously as the project moves along. When I begin the project, I'm never quite sure how it will end, and I enjoy that process of discovery as each addition takes the box in another design direction.

The papers for this box were all chosen from my Paris paper stash, a combination of hand marbled papers, screen printed loktas, and a few wax resist designs. I use straight PVA to build the box and to adhere the various covered boards together, and a 50/50 mixture of PVA and methyl cellulose to cover the boards with the decorative papers. Adding methyl cell to the mixture extends the drying time, a helpful feature if you don't position the paper exactly where you want it on the first try. All of the papers glued up nicely, so this is encouragement to buy more next time!

This box is going to a local charity for their annual fund-raising auction in a few weeks. If you can, please consider helping your local organizations by donating your art or services. Most are having a difficult time in the current economy. Use your wonderful power of creativity for good!


  1. The box is fabulous, as is everything you do!! I am so glad that you have a blog!! Your book is one that I read, re-read, and refer to often as reference! I follow only a handful of blogs, and yours is definitely one of them!!! Thanks for sharing all your wonderful work!