Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday John Lennon

When I was about 15, I was lucky enough to see the Beatles in concert at Cincinnati Gardens during their first tour of the U.S. Never mind that this was a terrible venue for musical events; you couldn't hear the music anyway for the screaming that accompanied all of their early concerts. I was one of those screamers; a fan then and still a fan today. You can find me every Sunday morning having Breakfast with the Beatles, a radio program on Chicago's WXRT-FM hosted by Terri Hemmert.

So naturally, we opted for the In the Footsteps of the Beatles tour when we landed in Liverpool. There is a wonderful museum to visit, The Beatles Story, which starts at the very beginning, long before the group came together. It is jam packed with audio and video clips, musical instruments, items of clothing, and other ephemera tracing the amazing journey of the fab four from poor scruffy lads to larger than life musicians. After the museum, we boarded a bus and went to see first hand the childhood homes of John, George and Paul; Ringo's home, alas, is in a part of town than has been blocked off for redevelopment and is no longer accessible. We went to Penny Lane, the roundabout with the bank and the barber shop, and stopped at the gate to Strawberry Fields, a former orphanage. All of these once ordinary places, now forever famous in songs we'll never forget. It was a fantastic day.

Next weekend, October 9, would have been John Lennon's 70th birthday, and I know I've gotten older as well, but every time I hear a Beatles song, I become 16 or 20 again. Long live the power of music!


  1. Pam, I loved this post and traveling along with you to Beatle - land.

  2. I was just purusing your blog as I do periodically (LOVE your work- so inspiring!) & what should I see but photos of the city I live in! My husband is a Scouser (someone born & bred in Liverpool in case you didn't know, but as you've visited Liverpool you may well know that). I used to live just off Penny Lane & I worked with a lady whose uncle was the barber in the song Penny Lane. I used to work in the school where Eleanor Rigby was buried & where John met Paul for the first time. Every day I would almost get run over by the Mystery Tour bus as I cycled home from work as it stopped at the bottom of the school driveway pointing these things out to hordes of tourists. Fun! I grew up listening to the Beatles although I was born in the 70s & it made a big impact on me so it is fab to be living in Liverpool in my adult life now & to be raising my children here. I am glad that you enjoyed your visit to our city. Perhaps our paths will cross next time you visit! ;o) Lots of love Emily (Scouser by marriage!!!!)