Monday, October 12, 2009

Flying Carpet, Landed

I didn't want to leave you wondering about the Turkish carpet we purchased in Istanbul. It arrived about two weeks ago, not by post but by personal delivery from the salesman in the store! He was visiting the Merchandise Mart in Chicago for a carpet show, and thought he would just stop by Munster on the way and drop it off.

After the initial shock of getting that phone call, I had a huge wave of guilt for not believing the story about his brother who lived in Chicago, and how that translated into a special price on the carpet, just for us. My bad.

So the rug was, indeed, delivered in person, AND it was the same carpet we chose. Amazing! Don't you just love it when everything works ?


  1. Pam: Your travel photos are just exquisite! And the carpet is gorgeous. What a neat story! Welcome home!

  2. good things happen to good people.
    Nice matters.

  3. How funny is that!?!? It warms my heart that his story was true.
    I have definitely been living vicariously thru your travels, how divine they must have been :-)
    And I love the rug :-)
    When are you gonna come visit me!!